Pastoral Activities


We also do enrich the spiritual realm of the church by doing our Pastoral service in various fields. Teaching catechism to the Sunday school students is the foremost among them. The growth and the development of the church lies in the coming generation. So all kinds of support and moral teachings are given to the children in our Parish along with Holy Mass.


We pray constantly for the poor and needy and for the peace of our brethren. We give thanks to God for all His Blessings. Prayer is our strength for undertaking different humanitarian activities for the abandoned and neglected.
It is the Spirit of Jesus that binds us together in unity and love, so that with one heart, one mind and one spirit we give ourselves totally to the mission entrusted to us by the church.


Pastoral Care is the commitment and demonstration of concern for the growth and well-being of the abandoned, the poor and the needy. We provide counseling and comfort for people dealing with anxiety, loss, disappointment, and stress. Our occasional visit to them is really a relief. Our service is available to the needy regardless of their culture, faith and spiritual belief. We listen with respect to their sad stories and in return, we foster resources of hope, courage, faith, trust and love.


A particular parish is chosen for this mission. Home mission programme is planned and arranged with mutual collaboration between the parish priest and the home mission team. The team takes initiative for the whole programme. As a rule, the team visit every family twice a year, i.e., before Christmas and after Easter. No catholic family of the parish is left out from the home mission plan. After having fixed the schedule, the information regarding the arrival of the team is conveyed to each and every home in advance. It is meant for helping the people to face realities of life.


Family apostolate is a field to give witness to the merciful love God, especially to the poor and the sick, in the complex realities of life. By the frequent visit homes, sisters find people who are not praying together at home; those who have gone astray from the religious life particularly of the sacramental life and try to bring them back to the true Christian spirit. It is possible by prayer, conducting classes, seminars etc.

Broken relationships and broken families are mended to a great extent through counseling. The poor and the aged experience the love of God by our presence and the loving service of sisters. They help to rehabilitate people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs to free them from this bondage. Moreover, they create awareness about malpractices such as abortion, suicide etc.

We also engage in various activities for the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden. Besides, we create awareness among them of the need of cleanliness, environmental pollution, child care etc by conducting awareness programmes and seminars. Above all, we pray with them and for them for God’s Blessings. We give priority to moral values.